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Peer Support Programme 

Pilots, like other professionals are susceptible to the effects of stress or negative personal situations that may affect their performance at work or just daily functioning. We are often hesitant to seek help and support for fear of being judged or to have repercussions on our professional lives. This system will remain strictly confidential and can be used freely as many times as you need.  

A Pilot Peer Support Programme (PPSP) can be defined as a formal structure or system whereby a pilot needing help can get support with mental wellbeing or life stress issues from a dedicated and trained colleague in a confidential setting. A PPSP may also be accessible to family, colleagues or friends of a pilot who have serious concerns about his/her fitness to fly. Such concerns are dealt with appropriately, with flight safety and the pilot’s welfare being the critical factors. The confidentiality of the support process is absolute, exceptions would be only if flight safety is at risk. The peer support program can also be arranged for cabin crew and engineers. 

At the heart of the programme are Pilot Peers, motivated fellow pilots (from another airline/organization) who are trained in basic listening and counselling skills. This keeps the process completely confidential and the pilot can remain anonymous. They have extensive knowledge of airline policies and pathways to help which can assist the pilot in addressing their problems. These Peers are trained, mentored and supported by a suitably qualified Mental Health Professional (MHP). A Programme Lead or Programme Co-ordinator is in charge of the day to day running of the programme. 

You will be able to access this programme via CAP (Centre for Aviation Psychology) using their CAPPSP app and website where you can ask for chat. A Peer pilot who is available will take your request, and will call you at the best time convenient for both of you, just like you would do with a friend, you can talk to them about your issue/s. A link to CAPPSP will be available to the wellbeing section of the MALPA website. 

Remember: a combination of factors such as fatigue, stress, organisational and private problems may lead to temporary mental health issues: it is a very normal human response. However, if these temporary issues are not recognized and treated promptly, they may lead to permanent issues. 

We hope you make good use of this Peer support program that the MALPA is providing for you.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us. 

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